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  • Academy Partner Share Sign Ups

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes DD2 STEM Agenda Sept 27, 2016 Present Rachel Propst – STEM Premier Bob Bush – Altron Genor Porter – Santee Cooper Jack Mansor – Ft. Dorchester Asst Principal Nadine Miller – DD2 Cate Coordinator Trey Hodges – Summerville Asst Principal Christine Trevillyan – Summerville Math/Engineering Chair and PLTW teacher LB […]

  • Regional Health Advisory Board Sept 13 Minutes

    Regional Health Professionals Advisory Board Meeting Date: September 13, 2016   Staff Present: Suzi Raiford   Present:                                                                                                                        Melissa Murray                                Stratford High School William Dooley                                Hanahan High School Angela Burnett                                 Timberland High School Ashley Barnes                                   Goose Creek High School Angela Mills                                      Cane Bay High School Grace Waddell                                 Agape Hospice/Agape Senior Amy Litz                                             Summerville High School Angie […]

  • St. John’s Joint Advisory Board 9.22.16 notes

    Please find the meeting notes at the following link… #Culinary #Hospitality #ComputerScience #SJHS

  • Summerville Computer Science Advisory Board 9.21.16 meeting notes

    The Summerville Computer Science Advisory Board meeting notes are in the following link 

  • Ft. Dorchest Culinary Advisory Board Meeting notes 9.20.16

    The Ft. Dorchester Culinary Advisory Board 9.20.16 meeting notes re at the following link

  • Academic Magnet Advisory Board meeting 9/21/16

    Academic Magnet Advisory Board meeting September 21, 2016 Present: Robin Willis Jon Phillips Classes represented this year include AP CS A (Java) and AP CS Principles (Python) New times for meeting starting in October. We hope these will be more convenient for Academy Partners. 3rd Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m Jon will get a list of […]

  • West Ashley STEM meeting notes 9/20/16

    West Ashley STEM September 20, 2016 Advisory Board meeting Present: Dr. Barbara Leonard, Engineering Teacher Robert Stone, Engineering Teacher Nick Holmes, Mechatronics Teacher Gayle Morris, Assistant Principal Sandra Pennekamp, CTE Dept Head Scott Baker, Stantec Tyler Andrews, HDR Matt Fann, DWG Brandi Cobbs, Boeing Clara Bailey, ICE west-ashley-9-20-16-agenda Please look at the Planned Activities for the […]

  • Stall 2015/2016 CTE Completer Breakfast

    Program for end of year CTE Completer Breakfast stall-completer-breakfast-program-pg-2

  • Wando Business Adivsory Board notes 9/15/16

    Wando Business Academy Advisory Board notes 9/15/16 Attended:  Tristan Robinson Julia DewittCaitlin CrodianKaty DitchfieldLucy BrennerRobin Willis   Tristan will choose date for a 2 hour school tour, may invite Math, Science and Engineering Advisory Board to join. Robin discussed Talent Demand Study update, Intranet and utilizing Academy Partner Share in this year’s meetings.  Tristan handed […]

  • Congratulations to the Ms. Southall, North Charleston HS

    Congratulations to Ms. Southall of North Charleston High School’s Business Academy. She was named YesCarolina’s 2016 Teacher of the Year. Last year she told the brand new Career Academy Partners at North Charleston that she would like help to get students ready to participate in YesCarolina’s Business Plan Competition. Academy Partners Be A Mentor, Cajetan […]

  • Regional Arts Advisory Board Meeting notes 9.15.16

    The Regional Arts Advisory Board meeting notes are at the following link  #Arts

  • Laing Advisory Board notes 9/13/16

    Laing Middle School Academy Sept 13, 2016   ·         Laing will be having 2 teachers from each department participate in each meeting, rotating the teachers. ·         Kick-off session went well.  Kids were chatting it up in the halls.  The kids really enjoyed the booths and meeting us one on one.  The teachers appreciate the real […]

  • Burke Academies Meeting notes 9/13/16

    Attended:  Amanda Ramage – Charleston County Colin Smoak – McLaughlin & Smoak Al Hitchcock – CR Hipp Jennifer Gorham – City of Charleston Robin Willis – Chamber Chad Vail – CCSD PLTW teacher Dig Art Teacher Asst Principal McDaniel Culinary Teacher – April Maczyk

  • PLTW Computer Science Outline

    Click below to see outlines of all Project Lead the Way Computer Science Outline. Learn more at cse_course_outline

  • PLTW Engineering Outline

    Click below to see outlines of all Project Lead the Way Engineering Outlines. If a student completes 4 of these courses  they receive a “Completer” cord at graduation. Learn more at First course  introduction_to_engineering_design_course_outline Second course principles_of_engineering_course_outline Third course choices aerospace_engineering_course_outline civil_engineering_and_architecture_course_outline computer_integrated_manufacturing_course_outline digital_electronics_course_outline Senior year choices    engineering_design_and_development_course_outline

  • PLTW Biomedical Science Outline

    Click below to see outlines of all Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Outlines. If a student completes the whole sequence they receive a “Completer” cord at graduation. Learn more at First course  pltw-principles-of-biomed-outline Second course human_body_systems_course_outline Third course medical_interventions_course_outline Fourth course  biomedical_innovation_course_outline

  • Military Magnet Joint Culinary and IT Advisory Board meeting 9.8.16

    -An overview of the Talent Demand Study 2016 handout Culinary Academy: Chef Crompton retires as of 9.30.16.  New instructor to be determined.  Academy Partners will receive status reports. Culinary Academy Partners: Culinary Institute of Charleston Chef Donald Barickman –teaching schedule conflict with meeting time although he is available for classroom demonstrations and career talks.  Chef […]

  • North Charleston Academies meeting notes 9/7/16

    North Charleston Academies meeting notes 9/7/16 Present:  Ladora Waters – NCHS Eileen Burkhardt – Be A Mentor Megan Schwab – Be A Mentor Jeremy Granson – Coast Guard James Holman – Centurum Leslie Hutson – Steelfab Melinda Waddell – Lowcountry Food Bank Kelly Thompson – SPAWAR  

  • Most updated Master Meeting List


  • 2016/2017 List of Academy Partners

    Updated list as of 9/6/16

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board August 30th Meeting Minutes

    Wando MSE Advisory Board August 30th meeting minutes attached.

  • Wando HS MSE Advisory Board August 30th Meeting Minutes

    Wando High School MSE Advisory board August 30th meeting minutes attached.

  • Berkeley STEM 8/31/16 meeting notes

    STEM Academy Meeting August 31, 2016 Berkeley High School   ·         Welcome and round table introductions o   Kevin Wadford – BHS Building Construction o   Dale Ezzell – BHS Automotive o   Evanduel Gaters – BHS Welding o   Chris Hill – Hill Tire o   Katherine Butcher – BHS Academy Coach ·         Distribution of Materials o   Career Academy […]

  • Cane Bay STEM Advisory Board Meeting August 31, 2016

    Agenda, attendance and minutes attached

  • Berkeley County School District Business and IT Advisory Board minutes

          Educators Present: Sonya Addison-Stewart/BCSD, Monty Polk/BHS, Tiffany Brown/CBHS, Suzann Blanchard/CBHS, Carly Honea/CBHS, Murton “Jaz” Hudson/CBHS, Natalie Moultrie/CBHS, Melissa Rooney/GCHS, Kyristal Milton/CHS, Randolph Pugh/GCHS, Chrystal Bryant/GCHS, Heidi Guerry/BCSD, Doris Simmons/GCHS, Erin Ward/CBHS, Paul Lautier/GCHS, James Gaskins/GCHS Academy Partners:  Jennifer Brown/Palmetto CAP, Becky Jennings/Kelly Services, Michelle Jones/Santee Cooper Credit Union, Jemie Meachum/Bank of America, […]

  • Goose Creek STEM 8/31/16 Advisory Board meeting

    Goose Creek STEM Robin’s notes from 8/31/16 meeting Attended: Robin Willis Rhett Baldwin Johanna Cooper Janell Jacobs Ashley Barnes Geoffrey Sklar Tim Burgsteiner Sara Smith   Academy Partner Share schedule Oct 5 – Rhett Baldwin of Trane January 11 – Janelle of SRC March 1 – Johanna of BEC   Rest of the year’s Advisory […]

  • Burke Academies Contact List

  • 2016/2017 TEALS/West Ashley Reports

    TEALS Report Week of 5 Sep 2016 Fourth week of school and due to storm and holiday, students took the Unit 1 test on Wednesday, 7 Sep. Test was taken and consumed about 45 minutes. The remainder of the class was spent on introduction to data types utilized in the Java programming language, which begins […]

  • Regional Arts Advisory Board

    The Pilot Regional Arts Advisory Board is developing collaboration between business professionals and educators to bring relevant student engagement activities to the classroom and implementing interdisciplinary teaching and learning opportunities.  The July meeting notes are below.

  • Discover MUSC 2017

      The second annual DISCOVER MUSC event will occur on Friday, March 10, 2017.  We anticipate the schedule of the day will be as similar to last year’s; beginning around 9 AM and lasting until 2 PM.  See some of the action from the 2016 event below…..    All the best!    Liz Sheridan, Student Services […]

  • 2016/2017 Career Academy Manual

  • Laing Advisory Board meeting 8/10/16

    Career Academy_SPAWAR_Intro_NO VIDEO  Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Laing Advisory Board   Present: 17 grade 7 core subject area teachers, Jay Whitehair, Mel Goodwin, Devin/AHT, Susie/Code Lady, CMDR Heller, Kelly, Mark, Shanda, and another representative from SPAWAR   Staff Present:  Suzi AGENDA ITEM DISCUSSION ACTION ITEMS Welcome Kelly described the student presentation to include the […]

  • State of the Region Education recap


  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board contact list

  • DD2 Volunteer Application Form

    If you are an Academy Partner with a DD2 school please fill this out and bring it with you to your September Advisory Board meeting. DD2 Volunteer App Form

  • Regional Computer Science Advisory Board 7/25/16

    Regional CS Advisory Board Meeting 7/25/16 Explanation of mission 4.26.16 Agenda July 2016 CS update from SC Dept of Education Attended: Gary Scott Robin Willis Suzi Raiford Pat O’Brien Bryan Powers Quinn Burke Susie Starkman   We discussed the information in the presentation attached “CS Update from SC Dept of Education”. This presentation was given […]

  • Laing STEM Academy planning meeting 6/27/16

    Laing Middle School Career Academy Meeting June 27, 2016 at Laing Middle School Recommended that the SPAWAR intro be an auditorium style, perhaps in the cafeteria, with approximately 120 students per session. Video Projection would be helpful to show the SPAWAR Command Video and any relevant slides, etc.. 30-45 minute brief to students with SPAWAR […]

  • North Charleston Advisory Board Agenda 2/3/16

    North Charleston 2.3.15 agenda N. Charleston Completers

  • Wando plan 2016/2017

    Tristan Robinson will decide if Business and STEM can share meeting dates, probably right after school Moondog can work with Animation, AP CS Principles and AP CS. Robin will reach out to Wild Dunes and some sports teams for Sports Marketing We will have a panel talk about soft skills monthly in the Cypress Room. […]

  • LTA Agenda 3/21/15

    Agenda March 21, 2015

  • West Ashley STEM Agenda 11/17/15

    Agenda November 17, 2015

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board minutes 5/12/16

    Wando STEM meeting notes from May 12, 2015 Pg 2 Wando STEM meeting notes from May 12, 2015

  • Academic Magnet plan for 2016/2017

    meeting on June 14, 2016 Robin Willis and Jon Phillips Standing Advisory Board meeting date for next year will be 3rd Wednesday. Jon will choose time of day.  Classes included in Academic Magnet CS next year: AP CS Principles – the students in this class will be a mix of no experience and lots experience […]

  • Career Academy Debrief Group Notes Table Notes

    What’s new for the coming year? Want to to see the latest list of Academy Partners and their schools? Career Academies 2016-2017 We’ll be bringing Nashville to you with Career Academy 101 and 102. Burke and LTA have merged and added additional Academies TEALS is coming to West Ashley HS! SME will be offering student […]

  • Agenda Template for Advisory Board meetings

    Template agenda Name of High School Name of Career Academy Advisory Board Meeting Date List who is present:  Chair: Welcome Secretary: Ask if there are any additions or changes to last month’s Advisory Board notes Secretary: Report whether or not Advisory Board notes have been posted to the Intranet Academy Partner Share: This is a 10 […]

  • List of CS Professional Development

    Click here to see the ongoing list of CS Professional Development available for our local teachers. New opportunities will be added as soon as they are available.

  • Review Materials for Regional CS Advisory Board

    Dear Regional Superintendents,   The Regional Computer Science Advisory Board (RCSAB) of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce needs your help.  As you know, there is a severe shortage of qualified computer science professionals in our region to satisfy the demand of local companies.  As a result, many of the Information Technology career opportunities for […]

  • Summerville STEM Advisory Board meeting notes 4/21/16

    Summerville STEM Advisory Board meeting Present: Robin Willis Christine Trevillyan Trey Hodges Gailia Mercer-Brown Gala planning – May 12th in the Summerville Gym 6-7:30 p.m. 35 STEM PLTW Completers this year 5 exceptional students will be given $25 gift cards, tshirts (one each class) Ken Canty will be the event speaker. Gala invitation For next […]

  • Regional Computer Science Advisory Board 4/25/16

    Regional CS Advisory Board April 25, 2016 Attended: Gary Scott Robin Willis Valerie Sessions Eileen Kraemer Nancy Mueller Jake Hare Pat O’Brien Jennifer Albert Melissa Stowasser James Weaver Sonya Addison Stewart Chad Vail Kelly Thompson Quinn Burke Let’s all use the Career Academy Intranet to share thoughts about the matrix and Superintendent Letter.  There are some […]