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  • Wando Business Advisory Board 2/16/17

    Wando Business Advisory Board Meeting February 16, 2017 Present: Tristan Robinson Robin Willis Caitlyn Roark Kaity Ditchfield Aaron Marx   Discussed March 16 Soft Skills Panel at 9 a.m. – Tristan reported that, after the January 19 panel, students had lots of questions for the panelists after the panel concluded. We discussed that setting up […]

  • 2017 Bridge Walk Planning

    2017 Bridge Walk Planning

  • Burke Breakfast with Business 2/15/17

    Great panel today! Present:  Shannon McCabe Carrie Morey James Medeiros Colin Smoak Jennifer Gorham Al Hitchcock On March 14 we will have another Breakfast with Business in lieu of a March Advisory Board meeting. 

  • Regional Health Advisory Board 2.14.17

    Present: Andrea Clements/RSFH, Liz Sheridan/MUSC, Charity Summers/Garrett, Jack Mansor/FDHS, DJ Church/Summerville HS, Whitney Reafler/DMH, Angela Burnett/Timberland, Grace Waddell/Agape, Nadine Miller/DD2, Tyler Davis/SCYSPI, Vanessa Brown/DMH, Ruth Truluck/Wando Staff:  Suzi Raiford Suzi: Distributed Regional Career Headlight promotional cards.  Introductions were made. Tyler Davis provided the background and overview of the SC Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative.  She is […]

  • DD2 BFM Advisory Board 2.13.17

    Present:  Melonie Hazelton/Summerville HS, Gerald Taylor/FDHS, Justin Buckingham/ARHS, Dustin Haynes/HTFCU Staff:  Suzi Raiford Dustin: Speaker requests for FBLA and YESCarolina. ·         Gerald: 10 winners in the FBLA regional and will compete in the state competition on 3.17 at N. Charleston Coliseum.  Students need interviewing practice, business acumen, and employability skills.   ·         Melonie: securing speakers for […]

  • DD2 STEM Meeting Notes 2/8/17

    DD2 STEM Meeting Notes 2/8/17 Location: Ashley Ridge HS Present: Rachel Propst Diane Reeder Christine Trevillyan Tim Jones Robin Willis   Next Meetings: No meeting in March due to ARHS and Ft. D joint Bridge Walk – we will ask partners to volunteer for this in lieu of a March meeting. April Advisory Board Meeting […]

  • Wando High School MSE Student/Teacher Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    See attached meeting minutes from Wando High School’s MSE Student/Teacher Subcommittee meeting. MSE Advisory Agenda 2.9.17

  • Military Magnet Joint IT and Culinary Advisory Board 2.9.17

    Present: Cindy Helms/Elliott Davis, James Weaver/ECPI, Carla Ferrette-Clark/IT Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Carla Ferrette-Clark: 2nd semester focus: Cyber, Networking, Robotics, Computer repair (Cindy and James have computer donations, if needed) Speakers: certifications, job exposure, networking, job shadowing. Planning: James/ECPI: March: Classroom speakers to be scheduled March 6, 13, 20 then plan ECPI campus tour March 27. Suzi: April: coordinate […]

  • St. John’s High School Culinary/Computer Science

    Present: Andre Dukes/SJHS, Alexander Ward/SJHS, Audrey Smith/SJHS, Lane Askew/SPAWAR, Danielle Burks/Palmetto Goodwill/Palmetto Warriors, Jennifer Brown/Palmetto Partners, Greg Cammora/KIGR, Ron Neil/ECPI, Darwin Shorters/SJHS, Valerie Green/South State Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Andre Dukes, Principal, opened the meeting.  SJHS Hospitality & Tourism course is in transition.  Teacher recruiting is underway. TTC and CofC joint Hospitality Opportunity Fair debrief:  […]

  • North Charleston Academies Mtg 2/1/17

    North Charleston Academies Advisory Board Meeting 2/1/17 Present: Ladora Waters Cory McBee Joe Rodgers Phillip Baynes – new Law Enforcement teacher Robin Willis Mrs. Southall reported by email that she has several mentors for her Entrepreneurship/business plan students. They have been to her classroom twice and have committed to come on Fridays to assist students. New […]

  • Baptist Hill Advisory Board 1.25.17

    Present: Kylene Grant, Shirley Godfrey-Jackson, Florence Davis/LegalShield, Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Suzi provided a brief overview of the advisory board structure and responsibilities for attendees. Welcome to new academy partner, Florence Davis with LegalShield.  Florence provided and overview of LegalShield-group policy pre-paid legal services.  She offers expertise in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship. Welcome to Shirley Godfrey-Jackson, Guidance.  […]

  • Summerville CS Advisory Board 1.18.17

    Present:  Melonie Hazelton/Summerville HS, Betsy Hair/The Iron Yard, Ron Neal/ECPI, Zenovia Frasier/ Summerville HS, Lennon Laughton/ Summerville HS, Jonathon Rushin/ Summerville HS Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Suzi: overview of PBL workshops in June and August (August is at capacity) March 31-AGC Scholarship recommendations due. Updates: Melonie: 12.5.16 (week of) -Hour of code engaged students and […]

  • FDHS Culinary Advisory Board 1.17.17

    Present: Bessie Walker/FDHS Culinary, Jonathon Rhodes/ FDHS Culinary, Chef Carmel/TTC, Jeremy Granson/USCG Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Jeremy: USCG overview of salary, signing bonus, CG culinary school.  Suzi: AGC Scholarship recommendations due by March 31, PBL Workshops 2017 (August at capacity, June available). Culinary Careers Speaker sessions 12.6.16 were well received. Bessie: Intro & Cul 1-knife […]

  • St. John’s HS Joint Advisory Board Meeting 1.11.17

    Present: Andre Dukes/SJHS, Alexander Ward/SJHS, David Vagasky/CIC, Jeremy Granson/USCG, Patrice Heyward/BEC, Audrey Smith/SJHS, Erin Franey/SJHS, Lane Askew/SPAWAR, Manish Mazyck/Palmetto Goodwill, Jennifer Brown/Palmetto Partners, Brandon Kilgus/KIGR Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Andre Dukes, Principal, opened the meeting. SJHS PR campaign kick-off video viewing and comments.  Suzi distributed the video link after the meeting for academy partners to […]

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board Mtg 1/11/17

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board meeting January 11, 2017 at Summerville HS Present:  Nadine Miller Robin Willis Trey Hodges Christine Trevillyan Kelly Thompson Kristin Kofoid Dena Elrod Robin reported that SC Aquarium is still involved although the time has not worked for them to participate in Adv Bd meetings. Reach out to Beth Demas via email Trevillyan […]

  • Regional Health Advisory Board 1.10.17 notes

    Present: Andrea Clements/RSFH, Mitchell Hammonds/MUSC, William Dooley/Hanahan, Sonya Addison-Stewart/BCSD, Ashley Barnes/Goose Creek, Nancy Muller/LGC, Hanna Beckman/Ashley Ridge, Jessica Schwartz/Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health, Melanie Hay/FDHS, Charity Summers/Garrett, Jack Mansor/FDHS, Scott Little/Summerville HS, Whitney Reafler/DMH Staff:  Suzi Raiford Introductions Suzi: AGC Scholarship recommendations due by 3.31.17. 2017 Project Based Learning workshops for interdisciplinary academy teams registration. Workshop #1: […]

  • DD2 BFM Advisory Board 1.9.17 notes

    Present: Nadine Miller/DD2, Melonie Hazelton/Summerville HS, Gerald Taylor/FDHS, Karen Parker/ARHS, Henry Loundes/CT Loundes, Dustin Haynes/HTFCU, Montana Mawhaney/Whheeler Real Estate Investment, Ron Neil/ECPI, Mark Blacklocke/ARHS, Trey Hodges/FDHS Staff:  Suzi Raiford Dustin: Speaker requests for second semester curriculum. ·    Karen will determine speaker needs for spring. ·    Melonie needs speakers for Entrepreneur class topics: insurance, […]

  • Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee 1/12/17

    Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee 1/12/17 Wando Teacher-Student sub agenda 1.12.17 Present:  Deborah Otap Katie Johnston Nathan Belcher Robin Willis Co Teaching Unit with Academy Partners – Robin will compile a one pager of examples with lesson taught, speaker used and how did it benefit students as a teacher tool.  One issue with co teaching […]

  • Burke Academies 1/10/17 Meeting Notes

    Burke Academies Advisory Board meeting January 10, 2016 Present: Sarah Earle – Associate Principal, Burke Robin Willis Amanda Ramage – Chas County Carrie Morey – Callie’s Biscuits Mark Lester – SC Ports Ira Hill – Culinary April Mazyck – Culinary Karen Reid-Perrineau – Business Roy Kemp – Construction and PLTW Tyler Timmons -Health Stacy Marlowe […]

  • North Charleston Academies Advisory Board Meeting 1/4/17

    North Charleston Advisory Board Meeting January 4, 2017 Present: Mrs. Southall – Business, Entrepreneurship Mrs. Crabtree – Web Design Mrs. McBee – Digital Art and Design Mr. Johnson – Project Lead the Way Mrs. Welsh – Culinary Be A Mentor – Megan Schwab Food Bank – Melinda Waddell Riverdogs – Josh Shea Coast Guard  – […]

  • All Academy Cluster meeting follow up

    Here’s the Master Contact List  master-committee-as-of-12-8-16 Student Engagement URL sign – we-want-to-know-what-students-think How to use 2016/2017 Data Collection Forms: It is suggested that students complete these forms in December or January (include all Career Academy activities since August) and then again in April (include all Career Academy activities since 1st submission). Teachers please make a list […]

  • Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee

    Wando Subcommittee Advisory Board meeting Student/Teacher Engagement 11/29/16 Wando Teacher-Student Engagement notes 11.29.16pdf Present: Chris Sjolander Nate Belcher Deborah Otap Robin Willis Nate Andrews Alan McMahon Options for goal for the year: 1. Co teach a unit – Belcher to ask math and sci teachers about options. Goal to bring in Academy Partners to make […]

  • Stall Academies Advisory Board notes 11/10/16

    Stall Advisory Board meeting November 10, 2016   NNPTC brought a great Academy Partner Share presentation. We discussed reminding students and teachers that you can do Engineering, Electrical and Nuclear work even if you are not a good math student. We also talked about NNPTC doing the same presentation for students (adding lowest salary these […]

  • Academic Magnet Meeting notes 11/16/16

    Academic Magnet Advisory Board November 16, 2016 Present: Judith Peterson Jon Phillips Jamie Corson Robin Willis   Sr. Thesis project is more about research than solving a problem.  About 30-40 pages, 1.5 years. Ideas to do going forward: Boeing and SPAWAR said they would help come up with problems for students to solve – follow […]

  • Wando Business meeting notes

    Wando Business Advisory Board November 17, 2016 Present: Robin Willis Tristan Robinson Julie Dewitt Caitlyn Roark   The October hurricane forced us to postpone the Soft Skills Panel until January 19. This will take the place of our January Advisory Board meeting Here are the details: January 19 – 9 a.m. Each panelist will give […]

  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Command AP Share

    Naval Nuclear Power Training Command AP Share Given to Stall STEM nnptc-acad-partner-share  

  • Regional Arts Advisory Board 11.17.16

     Present: Todd Harrison/Art Institute, Sterling DeVries/Gaillard Center, Mary Catherine Peeples/Wando Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Welcome Todd Harrison, President, Art Institute of Charleston and Mary Catherine Peeples, Fine Arts, Wando High School and director of professional development and curriculum for CCSD High School Art Teachers. Suzi: Career Academy and Regional Arts Advisory Board overview. Planning calendar […]

  • Summerville Computer Science Advisory Board 11.16.16

    Present: Nadine Miller/DD2, Melonie Hazelton/Computer Science Summerville HS, Betsy Hair.The Iron Yard, Keisha Williams/SPAWAR Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Computer Scientists Panel debrief: students’ perspective was appreciated, the timing was good for the number of panelists, four panelists was optimum, plan to hold this annually. Keisha is speaking in Mr. Powell’s Computer Science class.  Hour of […]

  • Fort Dorchester Culinary Advisory Board 11.15.16

    Present: Nadine Miller/DD2, Bessie Walker/FDHS Culinary, Nicole Leaf/KIGR, Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Activity planning: December 6, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Culinary Careers 9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. (three morning classes) 12:20-1:15 p.m.- panel in auditorium  1:15 – 3:55 p.m. (3 afternoon classes) Morning classes and panel: Chef McGowan and Nicole Leaf, Kiawah Island Golf Resort Panel and […]

  • CSTA (CS Teacher Assoc) new chapter!

    The Citadel has taken on the task of launching a South Carolina CSTA Chapter. This chapter will be called CSTA-SC Lowcountry. They will also be hosting many professional learning opportunities.  You can join here: Join them on January 21 from 10-3 p.m. for the Kick-Off! 

  • Berkley STEM and Business Advisory Board 11/2/16

    BHS STEM and Business Academy Advisory Boards 11.2.16 Attendees:  Michelle Jones-Santee Cooper Credit Union, Billy Martin-BHS, Shamika Smalley-BHS, Winston Williams-BHS, Dale Ezzell-BHS, Rachel Propst-STEM Premier, Kevin Wadford-BHS, Kevin Tye-    BHS, Doug Hill-Banks Construction, Robin Willis-Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Katie Butcher-BHS Welcome and Introductions – Described the new format and reasons behind combining the STEM and […]

  • Timberland STEM and Business Advisory Board meeting 11/2/16

    Meeting notes taken by Angela Burnett Timberland STEM and Business Advisory Board 11/2/16 Advisory Council Notes (November 2, 2016) Angela Burnett welcomed everyone to Timberland and thanked them for coming to the meeting today. All participants introduced themselves. The visitors present included: Angela Burnett-Timberland’s Facilitator Julia Izykowski-THS Science Department Head Suzi Raiford- Chamber of Commerce […]

  • Goose Creek STEM and Business Advisory Board 11/2/16

    Minutes taken by Ashley Barnes Goose Creek STEM Advisory Board 11/2/16 Advisory Meeting Minutes – Goose Creek High Introductions of GCHS staff (Barnes, Sklar, Burgsteiner, Domingue, Pugh, C. Bryant, D. Simmons, Rooney, H. Guerry, S. Smith, D. Badillo) and business partners (Bank of America – Jemie Meacham, HTFCU – Angela Gorton, Berkeley Electric – Johanna […]

  • St. John’s Advisory Board meeting 11.9.16

    Present: Andre Dukes/SJHS, Darwin Shorters/SJHS, Alexander Ward/SJHS, David Vagasky/CIC, Nathan Rex/CIC, Jeremy Granson/USCG, Patrice Heyward/BEC Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Andre Dukes, Principal, opened the meeting. Suzi provided a handout with a link to recommend students for the Accelerate Greater Charleston (AGC) Scholarship.  School counselors also have the information.  Planning reports: Darwin Shorters: ·         December 8 […]

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes 11/9/16

    DD2 Advisory Board meeting notes 11/9/16 at Ft. Dorchester HS Present: Rachel Propst Shea Tighe Robin Willis Nadine Miller Trey Hodges Christine Trevillyan Kelly Thompson Nina Syzmanowski LB Adams Jason Torres Geno Porter Tim Jones STEM Premier did the AP Share. Mentioned SC Future Makers everyone should check out. Ft. D and Ashley Ridge students […]

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

    Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes from October 20, 2016-Attached    

  • Regional Health Advisory Board 11.1.16

    Present: Kim Ceceil/Stratford, Melissa Murray/Stratford, Andrea Clements/RSFH, Mitchell Hammonds/MUSC, William Dooley/Hanahan, Angela Mills/Cane Bay, Angela Burnett/Timberland, Katie Butcher/Berkeley, Grace Waddell/Agape, Beth Demas/SC Aquarium, Sonya Addison-Stewart/BCSD, Julie Bamberg/West Ashley, Tralice Reddock/CCSD, Liz Sheridan/MUSC, Ashley Barnes/Goose Creek, Nancy Muller/LGC, Hanna Beckman/Ashley Ridge, Jessica Schwartz/Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health, Nadine Miller/DD2 Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Introductions Suzi distributed Hour of Code […]

  • Burke Academies Meeting Notes 11/1/16

    Burke Academies Advisory Board November 1, 2016 Present: Al Hitchcock Amanda Ramage Carrie Morey Ward Mungo Shannon McCabe Colin Smoak Jennifer Gorham Sarah Earle Anna Dassing Tralice Reddock Stacy Marlow Ira Hill Karen Reed-Perrineau Tyler Timmons Robin Willis Agenda:burke_agenda_11-1-16 Goal for November: Teachers are asked to contact Academy Partners in November and schedule one Subject […]

  • North Charleston HS Academies Advisory Board 11.2.16

    Attendees: Ms. Southall/NCHS, Leslie Hutson/SteelFab, Joe Rodgers/O.L. Thompson, Be a Mentor, and Suzi Raiford/Charleston Metro Chamber.  pulled it together.  Joe/O.L. Thompson is coordinating via email to assist students with the bridge building competition.  Leslie Hutson, SteelFab, will deliver her presentation to Ms. Southall’s Entrepreneurship class and Be a Mentor offered to provide speakers/mentors, too (class […]

  • Java 101 for High School Seniors

    This is a free day with Iron Yard instructors learning Java! Seniors need no prior experience and can check out if this is a skill they would like to learn more about after high school.  Register here

  • 2017 AGC Scholarship Nomination Form

    Click here to nominate a graduating senior for the 2017 AGC Scholarship. Students need to have participated in a Career Academy and have a GPA between 2.0-2.9. Click on the link for additional instructions.  Deadline for Nominations March 31, 2017.

  • Baptist Hill Advisory Board notes 10.26.16

    Present: Jennifer Brown/Palmetto Community Action Partners, Bernard Scott/School Counselor, Andrae Sabb/Entrepreneurship, Kellie Johnson/Early Childhood/Teacher Cadet, Morris Harrington/Master Hair Care, Okechia White/PLTW/Computer Science Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Suzi reported that the Chamber is hosting an Academy Partner recruiting session in November to fill gaps on the Advisory Boards. Suzi reviewed the AGC Scholarship, Youth Apprenticeship Program, and […]

  • Wando Math Science and Engineering Subcommitteees

    Wando Math Science and Engineering Subcomittees Automotive (Group to help Wando Automotive get NATEF accredited) Budget and Finance (Includes yearly budget development, fundraising, grants, and financial reports) Student/Teacher Engagement (Includes student involvement in internships/apprenticeships, job shadows, clubs; teacher engagement in MSE, professional development,etc…)

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board 10.19.16

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board Meeting 10/19/16 Meeting Minutes at Ashley Ridge High School: In attendance:                  Kelly Thompson                                                 Jeremy Granson                                                 Nadine Miller                                                 Diane Reeder                                                 Christine Trevillyan                                                 Chris Oonk                                                 Nina Szymanowski Introductions – Spawar – Kelly Thompson                                 Electronics technician Coast Guard – Jeremy Granson Discussion –       ARHS – ES             […]

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  • Regional Arts Advisory Board 10.20.16 notes

    Present: Michael Haga/CofC School of the Arts, Richard Almes/Unimedia, Kyle Lahm/N. Charleston Cultural Arts, Sterling DeVries/Gaillard Center, Ashley Wyrick/Wando Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Suzi Raiford provided an update on Caroline Baker, Fashion and Costume Design teacher, School of the Arts, possible joining the advisory in 2017.  All agreed the “pilot” focus is on one school […]

  • Summerville Computer Science Advisory Board 9.21.16

    Present: David Kennamer/Boeing Nadine Miller/DD2, Melonie Hazelton/Computer Science Summerville HS Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Computer Scientists Panel schedule: 11.9.16, Panel #1 10:00 a.m., Panel #2 11:00 a.m., Summerville HS Auditorium.   Ashley Ridge and Fort Dorchester girls will attend the presentation at Summerville High. Panelists confirmed: Betsy Hare, The Iron Yard Kate Wilson,  Interaction Engineer, Benefitfocus, […]

  • US Employers Have Too Much Labor, Not Enough Talent

    10/25/16 Great article from Fast Company  “We’ve found that even where there is a ready supply of labor, there isn’t always a ready supply of skills,” explains Ackerman. “In many ways the growing talent shortage reflects an issue of quality versus quantity. The challenge is finding people with the right skills and experience to do […]

  • West Ashley STEM meeting notes 10/16/16

    West Ashley STEM Meeting notes October 18, 2016 Present: Dr. Barbara Leonard Nick Holmes Scott Baker Nicole Dunmeyer Tyler Andrews Clara Farley Lena Butterfield agenda-10-18-16 upcoming-events-handout-at-10-18-16-pg1 upcoming-events-handout-at-10-18-16-pg2 West Ashley STEM Contact List Thank you Lena Butterfield for a great Academy Partner Share. alcami-stem-presentation Charleston Water probably has hard hats for students to use on site […]

  • Ft. Dorchester Culinary Advisory Board 10.20.16

    Present: Nadine Miller/DD2, Bessie Walker/FDHS Culinary, Brandon Kilgus/KIGR Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford Brandon Kilgus, Recruiting Manager, Kiawah Island Golf Resort was welcomed and introduced himself. Nadine Miller reported the new date for the DD2 CATE Advisory Council meeting will be November 3 or 10, 4:30-6:30 p.m., with dinner.  All Academy Partners are invited to attend. The […]