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  • Wando HS MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

    WANDO MSE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES FOR November 16, 2017 Members Present:                            Katie Johnston            Allen Lindsey                         Russ Keller                  Tim Fulford                         Robin Willis                 David Kennamer         Andrew Inman Meeting Minutes Minutes from 10/19/17 meeting were read and approved. Financial Report (from D. Roemer) 501c3 Balance = $23,625 Newsletter Review/Club News Math Team- Competing […]

  • Regional STEM Advisory Board notes 12/5/17

    Career Academies STEM Academy Meeting, December 2017 The Chamber Academy Team will be participating in a Deep Dive visit of the Academies in Tennessee March 5-7.  Academy members are welcome to join if interested.  Please let Suzi or Robin know. 1.     Continued work on the Deep Dive build discussion Soft Skills The team discussed the […]

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/17

     Please see the attached meeting minutes from Wando High School’s MSE Advisory Board meeting on 10/19/17. WANDO MSE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES FOR October 19, 2017 Members Present:                            Katie Johnston            Allen Lindsay                         D.D. Otap                    Russ Keller                         Andy Streets               Hannah Grace Coker                         David Kennamer         Andrew Inman Meeting Minutes Minutes from 4/20/17 […]

  • STEM Meeting (11/1/2017)

    STEM Meeting w/ Hope Lanier and Mark GaddyReps from BP Amaco and Berkeley Electric CooperativeNovember 1, 2017 Met with PLTW/Engineering Instructor, Mr. Shorters (STEM), and Computer Science Instructor, Mr. Bendig (Business).Scheduled plant visits for students in DecemberScheduled guest speakers for PLTW to provide real world scenariosPartners were both focused on providing students with real life […]

  • DD2 STEM 10.13.17 meeting notes

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board meeting notes October 11, 2017 Ashley Ridge HS, Media Center   Present: Robin Willis, Chamber Nadine Miller, DD2 CTE Jason Carraher, Dorchester County Diane Reeder, ARHS Skyler Johnson, Ft. D STEM Committee 10.13.17 STEM Academy Deep Dive Recommendations 09122017 v2 Interview Questions 2017 Welcome new Academy Partner, Dorchester County Public Works, […]

  • Stall STEM and Business 9/14/17

    Stall STEM and Business Advisory Board meeting 9/14/17 Stall High School Attended: Antoinette Green– Career Specialist Amber Paugh – Mahle Don Smith – Hendrick Auto Lt. Commander Drew Simmons – NNPTC Claudia Newbern – Stall Asst Principal Michael Breedlove – Stall Business Kim Pickett – Stall STEM Robin Willis – CMCC   Attachments TSA Activities […]

  • Regional STEM Deep Dive Certification

    Company Profiles Interview Questions 2017 STEM Academy Deep Dive Recommendations 09122017 ALCON, Thanks to everyone who provided feedback towards the STEM Deep Dive certification (draft copies of all input is attached).  In order to move forward, I would like to suggest that we break into groups to start formalizing the training  sections of the certification.   […]

  • DD2 STEM 9/28/17 Advisory Board meeting

    DD2 Academy Meeting September 28, 2017 Held at Summerville High School Discussed the deep dive program.    Ms T. recommended using the Summerville Engineering Club to beta test.  Kelly will be attending the next Engineering Club meeting on October 9th. Ms. T was interested in having students from the engineering club be able to take advantage […]

  • West Ashley STEM Mtg 9/19/17

    WAHS STEM Advisory Board Meeting September 19, 2017   Attended: Sandy Pennekamp Becky Kyzer Scott Baker Nick Holmes Shawn Haggerty Theodene Davis   Successes from previous year: Making connections with people in the field Participating in community events Connecting students with community members Utilized Academy Partners for judging presentations at the school   Discussed field […]

  • Tell your students about the Manufacturing Panel – Mercedes and SME

    Parents, Teachers, and Counselors are welcomed, too! The link for RSVPs is embedded in the flyer. Hope to see you October 3rd at 4:30 p.m. during Manufacturing Week in SC! 2017 Career Panel Flyer

  • 9/19 School Based Academy Meeting

    September 19, 2017 Philip Simmons High School Academy Partner: BP Amaco – Hope Lanier *Since our partner could not attend on 9/20 we decided to meet in 9/19.* Meeting Notes: Mrs. Lanier received a tour of the school We went into our Pre-Engineering classroom and observed student presentations regarding specific inventions. Students were asked very […]

  • Wando MSE Adv Bd Agenda 4.20.17

    Wando MSE Advisory Board  Agenda April 20,2017 Wando MSE Agenda 4.20.17 MSE Fund Balance reported 4.20.17

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board Notes

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes April 19, 2017 at Summerville HS   Present: Michelle Barrows, Venture Aerobearings Vanessa Do Santos, Venture Aerobearings Janel Raquet – Ft. D PLTW teacher LB Adams – Practical Dramatics Trey Hodges – Sville Asst Principal Robin Willis – Chamber   Introductions – new teacher Janel Raquet and new Academy Partners, […]

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board 10.20.16

    MSE Advisory Board minutes 10.20.16 WANDO MSE ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES FOR October 20, 2016 Members Present:    A. Lindsey D. Otap G. Cheeseman K. Johnston N. Belcher A. Inman (student)  K. Murrell R. Willis C. Lang             Meeting Minutes Minutes from 8/30/16 meeting were read and approved.   Financial Report: MSE Fund total is $36185, with $11380 […]

  • Wando Student/Teacher Engagement Subcommittee 3/9/17

    Wando MSE Teacher/Student Engagement Sub Committee March 9, 2017 Wando Student-Teacher Sub agenda 3.9.17 Wando Student-Teacher minutes 3.9.17 Present: Robin Willis Nate  Belcher Nate Andrews Alan McMahon Katie Johnston Chris Sjolander   Discussed speaker needed for physics class. Electromagnetic force. Robin to talk to Dick Tiano again, this has been a hard find.   Goal […]

  • Laing STEM Advisory Board 2.14.17

    Laing STEM Advisory Board Meeting Notes February 14, 2017   Present: Captain Heller and Mark Durham, SPAWAR  Mel Goodwin, Megan Wickline , Mr. Whitehair, Laing Middle Susie Starkman, The Code Lady  Robin Willis, Chamber Laing Named Best STEM school, have applied before but believe they received it this year because they had a vision. Mel […]

  • Laing Adviosory Board meeting 3/15/2017

    Laing Advisory Board Meeting Notes March 14, 2017   Robin invited Laing to present at the All Academy Debrief Susie Starkman – helped many classes, students make their own mobile Apo, worked directly with standards, math, science and social studies so far Next year Mr. Whitehair would like to expand the CS capabilities, systematic effort […]

  • Laing Advisory Board meeting 1/10/2017

    Laing Advisory Board January 10, 2017   Laing STEM Agenda 1.10.17 Ask SRC or AHT to do AP Share in February Grant from CDCA for $1500 Solid Works Desault will come for tour in Feb, might want to do more work with middle schools Honors Math working on building a bridge in solid works. Students […]

  • West Ashley STEM Advisory Board meeting

    West Ashley STEM Advisory Board meeting February 21, 2017   Attended:  Barbara Leonard Robert Stone Nichole Dunmeyer Scott Baker   Bridge Walk on Friday April 21. Confirmed volunteers are Scott Baker plus 2 others from Stantec, Clara Farley and Russ Touchberry of ICE. Nichole may be able to sponsor lunch.  16-20 students will attend. Job Shadow […]

  • 2017 Bridge Walk Planning

    2017 Bridge Walk Planning

  • DD2 STEM Meeting Notes 2/8/17

    DD2 STEM Meeting Notes 2/8/17 Location: Ashley Ridge HS Present: Rachel Propst Diane Reeder Christine Trevillyan Tim Jones Robin Willis   Next Meetings: No meeting in March due to ARHS and Ft. D joint Bridge Walk – we will ask partners to volunteer for this in lieu of a March meeting. April Advisory Board Meeting […]

  • Wando High School MSE Student/Teacher Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

    See attached meeting minutes from Wando High School’s MSE Student/Teacher Subcommittee meeting. MSE Advisory Agenda 2.9.17

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board Mtg 1/11/17

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board meeting January 11, 2017 at Summerville HS Present:  Nadine Miller Robin Willis Trey Hodges Christine Trevillyan Kelly Thompson Kristin Kofoid Dena Elrod Robin reported that SC Aquarium is still involved although the time has not worked for them to participate in Adv Bd meetings. Reach out to Beth Demas via email Trevillyan […]

  • Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee 1/12/17

    Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee 1/12/17 Wando Teacher-Student sub agenda 1.12.17 Present:  Deborah Otap Katie Johnston Nathan Belcher Robin Willis Co Teaching Unit with Academy Partners – Robin will compile a one pager of examples with lesson taught, speaker used and how did it benefit students as a teacher tool.  One issue with co teaching […]

  • Wando MSE Student Engagement subcommittee

    Wando Subcommittee Advisory Board meeting Student/Teacher Engagement 11/29/16 Wando Teacher-Student Engagement notes 11.29.16pdf Present: Chris Sjolander Nate Belcher Deborah Otap Robin Willis Nate Andrews Alan McMahon Options for goal for the year: 1. Co teach a unit – Belcher to ask math and sci teachers about options. Goal to bring in Academy Partners to make […]

  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Command AP Share

    Naval Nuclear Power Training Command AP Share Given to Stall STEM nnptc-acad-partner-share  

  • Berkley STEM and Business Advisory Board 11/2/16

    BHS STEM and Business Academy Advisory Boards 11.2.16 Attendees:  Michelle Jones-Santee Cooper Credit Union, Billy Martin-BHS, Shamika Smalley-BHS, Winston Williams-BHS, Dale Ezzell-BHS, Rachel Propst-STEM Premier, Kevin Wadford-BHS, Kevin Tye-    BHS, Doug Hill-Banks Construction, Robin Willis-Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, Katie Butcher-BHS Welcome and Introductions – Described the new format and reasons behind combining the STEM and […]

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes 11/9/16

    DD2 Advisory Board meeting notes 11/9/16 at Ft. Dorchester HS Present: Rachel Propst Shea Tighe Robin Willis Nadine Miller Trey Hodges Christine Trevillyan Kelly Thompson Nina Syzmanowski LB Adams Jason Torres Geno Porter Tim Jones STEM Premier did the AP Share. Mentioned SC Future Makers everyone should check out. Ft. D and Ashley Ridge students […]

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

    Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes from October 20, 2016-Attached    

  • Wando Math Science and Engineering Subcommitteees

    Wando Math Science and Engineering Subcomittees Automotive (Group to help Wando Automotive get NATEF accredited) Budget and Finance (Includes yearly budget development, fundraising, grants, and financial reports) Student/Teacher Engagement (Includes student involvement in internships/apprenticeships, job shadows, clubs; teacher engagement in MSE, professional development,etc…)

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board 10.19.16

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board Meeting 10/19/16 Meeting Minutes at Ashley Ridge High School: In attendance:                  Kelly Thompson                                                 Jeremy Granson                                                 Nadine Miller                                                 Diane Reeder                                                 Christine Trevillyan                                                 Chris Oonk                                                 Nina Szymanowski Introductions – Spawar – Kelly Thompson                                 Electronics technician Coast Guard – Jeremy Granson Discussion –       ARHS – ES             […]

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  • West Ashley STEM meeting notes 10/16/16

    West Ashley STEM Meeting notes October 18, 2016 Present: Dr. Barbara Leonard Nick Holmes Scott Baker Nicole Dunmeyer Tyler Andrews Clara Farley Lena Butterfield agenda-10-18-16 upcoming-events-handout-at-10-18-16-pg1 upcoming-events-handout-at-10-18-16-pg2 West Ashley STEM Contact List Thank you Lena Butterfield for a great Academy Partner Share. alcami-stem-presentation Charleston Water probably has hard hats for students to use on site […]

  • Stall STEM Mahle Workday 2016

    Mahle Workday 2016 Mahle sent volunteers over to RB Stall to work with a group of Engineering students on a day of fun STEM projects.  Teams were given two projects each to complete during the school day.  Students enjoyed working with the Mahle mentors and getting to work with hands on projects.  Some projects included […]

  • R.B. Stall High School STEM and Business Advisory Notes 9/8/16

    September 8th, 2016 Stall STEM and Business Advisory Board Meeting Notes Present:  Chuck Jones, Sotera; Scott Bellamy and Amber Vereen, Mahle; Drew Simmons, Naval Nuclear Power; Jeremy Carrick, Kim Pickett, and Michael Breedlove, R.B. Stall; Robin Willis, Charleston Chamber. Robin discussed the idea of having a Partner Spotlight at the beginning of each Board meeting […]

  • DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes 9/27/16

    DD2 STEM Advisory Board notes DD2 STEM Agenda Sept 27, 2016 Present Rachel Propst – STEM Premier Bob Bush – Altron Geno Porter – Santee Cooper Jack Mansor – Ft. Dorchester Asst Principal Nadine Miller – DD2 Cate Coordinator Trey Hodges – Summerville Asst Principal Christine Trevillyan – Summerville Math/Engineering Chair and PLTW teacher LB […]

  • West Ashley STEM meeting notes 9/20/16

    West Ashley STEM September 20, 2016 Advisory Board meeting Present: Dr. Barbara Leonard, Engineering Teacher Robert Stone, Engineering Teacher Nick Holmes, Mechatronics Teacher Gayle Morris, Assistant Principal Sandra Pennekamp, CTE Dept Head Scott Baker, Stantec Tyler Andrews, HDR Matt Fann, DWG Brandi Cobbs, Boeing Clara Farley, ICE west-ashley-9-20-16-agenda Please look at the Planned Activities for the […]

  • Laing Advisory Board notes 9/13/16

    Laing Middle School Academy Sept 13, 2016   ·         Laing will be having 2 teachers from each department participate in each meeting, rotating the teachers. ·         Kick-off session went well.  Kids were chatting it up in the halls.  The kids really enjoyed the booths and meeting us one on one.  The teachers appreciate the real […]

  • PLTW Engineering Outline

    Click below to see outlines of all Project Lead the Way Engineering Outlines. If a student completes 4 of these courses  they receive a “Completer” cord at graduation. Learn more at First course  introduction_to_engineering_design_course_outline Second course principles_of_engineering_course_outline Third course choices aerospace_engineering_course_outline civil_engineering_and_architecture_course_outline computer_integrated_manufacturing_course_outline digital_electronics_course_outline Senior year choices    engineering_design_and_development_course_outline

  • Wando HS MSE Advisory Board August 30th Meeting Minutes

    Wando High School MSE Advisory board August 30th meeting minutes attached.

  • Berkeley STEM 8/31/16 meeting notes

    STEM Academy Meeting August 31, 2016 Berkeley High School   ·         Welcome and round table introductions o   Kevin Wadford – BHS Building Construction o   Dale Ezzell – BHS Automotive o   Evanduel Gaters – BHS Welding o   Chris Hill – Hill Tire o   Katherine Butcher – BHS Academy Coach ·         Distribution of Materials o   Career Academy […]

  • Cane Bay STEM Advisory Board Meeting August 31, 2016

    Agenda, attendance and minutes attached

  • Goose Creek STEM 8/31/16 Advisory Board meeting

    Goose Creek STEM Robin’s notes from 8/31/16 meeting Attended: Robin Willis Rhett Baldwin Johanna Cooper Janell Jacobs Ashley Barnes Geoffrey Sklar Tim Burgsteiner Sara Smith   Academy Partner Share schedule Oct 5 – Rhett Baldwin of Trane January 11 – Janelle of SRC March 1 – Johanna of BEC   Rest of the year’s Advisory […]

  • Laing Advisory Board meeting 8/10/16

    Career Academy_SPAWAR_Intro_NO VIDEO  Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Laing Advisory Board   Present: 17 grade 7 core subject area teachers, Jay Whitehair, Mel Goodwin, Devin/AHT, Susie/Code Lady, CMDR Heller, Kelly, Mark, Shanda, and another representative from SPAWAR   Staff Present:  Suzi AGENDA ITEM DISCUSSION ACTION ITEMS Welcome Kelly described the student presentation to include the […]

  • Laing STEM Academy planning meeting 6/27/16

    Laing Middle School Career Academy Meeting June 27, 2016 at Laing Middle School Recommended that the SPAWAR intro be an auditorium style, perhaps in the cafeteria, with approximately 120 students per session. Video Projection would be helpful to show the SPAWAR Command Video and any relevant slides, etc.. 30-45 minute brief to students with SPAWAR […]

  • West Ashley STEM Agenda 11/17/15

    Agenda November 17, 2015

  • Wando MSE Advisory Board minutes 5/12/16

    Wando STEM meeting notes from May 12, 2015 Pg 2 Wando STEM meeting notes from May 12, 2015

  • Summerville STEM Advisory Board meeting notes 4/21/16

    Summerville STEM Advisory Board meeting Present: Robin Willis Christine Trevillyan Trey Hodges Gailia Mercer-Brown Gala planning – May 12th in the Summerville Gym 6-7:30 p.m. 35 STEM PLTW Completers this year 5 exceptional students will be given $25 gift cards, tshirts (one each class) Ken Canty will be the event speaker. Gala invitation For next […]

  • 3rd Annual SRC Career Deep Dive

    SRC’s 3rd Annual Career Deep Dive Many, many thanks for another great Career Deep Dive from SRC. SRC has been an Academy Partner with Goose Creek STEM since our pilot year, this year they added North Charleston STEM. In addition to offering 25 students multi day shadowing opportunities, SRC organizes a Career Deep Dive for […]

  • Goose Creek STEM meeting notes 3/23/16

    Jim Brickell James Holman Don Blair Tim Burgsteiner Sara SmithNathan Spitulski Jim Brickell reminded of of the great summer camps and scholarships available through the Society of American Military Engineers. Robotics reported that they are taking 5 students to Nationals and 8 students to the World compeition. Huge Congratulations to the Goose Creek Robotics team! […]