9/19 School Based Academy Meeting

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September 19, 2017
Philip Simmons High School
Academy Partner: BP Amaco – Hope Lanier

*Since our partner could not attend on 9/20 we decided to meet in 9/19.*

Meeting Notes:
Mrs. Lanier received a tour of the school
We went into our Pre-Engineering classroom and observed student presentations regarding specific inventions. Students were asked very specific questions regarding the role of an engineer.
Then visited the mechatronics classroom and met with Mr. McCarthy. We discussed the task students were currently working on and what needs could be met by BP Amaco.
Ended the day with discussing the vision for BP Amaco partnering with PSHS. Discussed needs of the school, specifically our Engineering and Mechatronics class.
Teachers will be working on proposals to provide to Hope at BP Amaco and creating a calendar of needs for guest speakers.

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