Cane Bay STEM and Business 11/1/17

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Agenda and Puzzle Design Challenge Cane Bay 11.1.17

I attended a great Cane Bay STEM and Business Advisory Board meeting and posted these notes. 

Standing ovation for:

  • Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union’s Reality of Money  – activity that reached 289 students with rave reviews of this real world experience
  • Berkeley Electric Coop Expert Business Panel on Soft Skills for 860 students – reports that students were very engaged and want to do this again!

Great updates from classes:

Engineering – lots going on in Robotics – VEX Tournament, t shirt cannon, mentoring middle school teams, see attached Puzzle Design Challenge for Engineering Leadership group

Welding – Very buys re-building grills, working with BEC

Natural Resource Mgmt -lots going on, working with BEC GIS,  might collaborate with Engineering

Business and IT – lots going on. All HTFCU going to Fed Reserve Branch in Charlotte

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