Laing Advisory Board meeting 1/10/2017

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Laing Advisory Board

January 10, 2017


Laing STEM Agenda 1.10.17

Ask SRC or AHT to do AP Share in February

Grant from CDCA for $1500

Solid Works

  • Desault will come for tour in Feb, might want to do more work with middle schools
  • Honors Math working on building a bridge in solid works. Students and teacher both learning together
  • They are making huge connections to the math curriculum working with Chris, Trimech and Desault. Students can possibly get certified (some in Orlando have done so)

Code Lady working with social studies teacher and 6th grade math teacher. 6th grade math made an app to understand inequalities, lots of critical thinking. This teacher has a PPT we can show other teachers

How they have used Code Lady

  1. Pick content
  2. Develop app that is functional as class
  3. Students work on their own
  4. Select student work and write code


Cryptography will use wooden cypher wheel/enigma machines with social studies studying WWI. They will send messages to each other about causes of WWI


Students are creating the content to SPAWARs Cyber camp this summer


Working with statistics class, Discussed egg drop for 7DSP2, lots of input from Chris, Trimech and Capt Heller


Underwater Glider


Will be inviting students to attend the CDCA CSISR conference in Nov 2017.


Dr. Mel gave out list of math units for 2nd semester and would like to find real world examples to provide relevance.

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