North Charleston Advisory Board 11/1/17

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Agenda Item Notes Action Required


Good News


Progress Reports


Kelly Thompson – working on Deep Dive Pilot – will provide interview skills and a partner from the business community

Web Page Design and Development & Business Information Management:  – no one in attendance

Digital Art & Design:

Robin Willis had an Internship Opportunity for a student in Ms McBee’s program.  She gave the required paperwork to Ms McBee

Culinary Arts:

Chef Welsh requested some help connecting with someone from Trident to come be a guest speaker for her class.  She needs help with the SKILLS competition.   

Law Enforcement Services:

Mr. Tronco will be visiting a school in Anderson SC.  He will discuss with the Law teacher how he needs to connect to the business community.  Mr. Tronco is interested in having his students visit a jail and morgue.  We have a connection with the morgue that Dr. Cox will send to Mr. Tronco.  

Health Science:

Dr. Cox will be attending the  Health Advisory meeting 11/9.  She is excited about all the connections that she will be able to make.

Dr. Cox said she had been contacted about a few Shadow/Internships that are available at MUSC.  She hasn’t gotten a response.

There was some discussion within the group about confusion on how to process all of the opportunities  available to our students.  It was decided that Ms Walden and Ms Clegg would communicate directly with specific teachers so that the teacher has ownership of the opportunities.  

Tronco commented that he has observed a great response from the  Mercedes presentation organized by Ms Southall.  McBee said that she would like to have them speak to her class.  

McBee to connect a student to the Chamber Internship for Digital Art.

Willis to make connection with Trident, Waters to forward the official partners to Welsh.

Cox to send morgue contact to Tronco

Cox to send the list of names for Shadow/Internships to Walden

McBee to connect with Mercedes to arrange another visit from Mercedes



Each Teacher will share what Competition(s) they plan on competing in, and how the business partner will support this effort.

Engineering: Sea Perch

Web Page Design and Development & Business Information Management:

Digital Art & Design: SkillsUSA

Culinary Arts: SkillsUSA

Law Enforcement:

Health Science:


Breakout Session


  1. Discuss support and plan for competition participation.
  1. Plan business partner collaboration with students to take place before the next Academy Meeting. (2.7.18)
  • No breakout sessions were held today
Those in attendance Robin Willis – Chamber

Kelly Thompson – SPAWAR Atlantic

Cory McBee – teacher

Jay Tronco – teacher

Cindi Welsh – teacher

Tawnya Cox – teacher

Ladora Waters – teacher

Cheryl Walden – STEM CCSD

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