Regional CS Advisory 8/31/17

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All Academy Onboarding 

Regional CS Advisory Board meeting


Charleston Metro Chamber

Regional Computer Science Advisory Board schedule

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Cindy Helms Elliott Davis

Chris Douglas Microsoft

Ronald Neil ECPI

Ralph Crosby SPAWAR

Anna Dassing Lucy Beckham HS

Rich Gordon CCSD CTE

Petra Neumayer CCSD 

TEALS update in Hanahan and West Ashley – goal is to have one in every HS in 3 years. 

Discussed importance of including middle school outreach as it takes several touches for students and parents to consider IT/Computer Science industry. Also discussed importance of including non-traditional speakers and other engagements to encourage non-traditional students. 

Group decided we would like to start with

1. Soft Skills panel with Mock interviews (or activity to practice working in teams) at middle schools

2. Panels for parents – one in each district. Invite parents from all schools in that district. 

Msg to convey to parents and students: IT in every industry. Lots of IT/CS careers that do not need 4 year degree. Certifications are valuable. What should students take in middle/high school? What programs already in place? 

Companies participating in Soft Skills Panels: bring data on how many females/minorities work in your company. Possibly bring pictures of these employees so students can relate.

Lots of energy around CS/IT at Moultrie Middle. They have a Women in Charge program. Let’s add to their momentum.

Microsoft has a Digi Girlz curriculum. Discussed possibility of multiple middle schools attending panels or competitions

Elliott Davis has many in their department with 2 year degrees. 

We discussed rules around using Adjunct teachers – look into this more with respect to adding additional CS classes. 

ECPI giving certificates to DD2, mostly Microsoft Fundamentals, students have opportunity to get 4 certificates

Next meeting: October 12 – 9-11 a.m. at the Chamber

Next steps:

Get dates etc so that lots of students can attend  or compete in mobile app at C5ISR Conference December – Chris Douglas

Choose dates/locations for Panels for parents- Robin/Gary

More info about Digi Girlz- Chris Douglas

More info about Adjunct, invite middle schools – Rich Gordon

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