Regional CS Advisory Board notes 12/5/17

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Regional Computer Science Advisory Board


Types of classes

Principles to CS


Intro to Computer Science


New Schools


Academic Magnet



5 HS, five or more classes


Key component is volunteers – shortage of qualified teachers to teach computer science – bootstrap them up to get them up and running


Introductions around the table


Perspective of IT skills not just 4 yr degrees


It is a time commitment and that can pose challenges to recruitment


Blackbaud creating a case study to help with recruitment internally, willing to share it externally


Career Path Panels Discussion


Recruitment sessions


Trident Tech

School day – field trip



Adults on a panel – lose kids interest

Expo – Saturday conference, career panel, etc., needs to be interactive

Needs to be one or 2 sessions at a centrally located spot, can’t ask business members to travel to multiple schools


Who is the audience

What types of activities


Citadel is’s regional partner in the community, they’ll have $5K for a fair for next school year


Can we add more schools to 18/19 school year?


Citadel is training teachers for AP CS principles, there are other options besides TEALS


Java Bootcamp

How many kids will the camp host?  30-50?

Who attends?

How do we recruit?

Flier, kids sign up on their own

All kids in CS classes

Open to teachers?


CCSD has closed CS programs because they can’t find teachers

Opening new programs/schools – can they find teachers? 3-5 years


PACE program

Direct program


Teacher shortage and credentials, how do you keep teachers or utilize professionals so that they don’t need the typical teacher credentials


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