Regional Culinary/Hospitality Advisory Board notes 12.5.17

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Regional Culinary and Hospitality Advisory Board notes



Attendees: Nathan Rex/CIC, Melinda Waddell/LCFB, Cami Ragin/KIGR, Jake Priddy/KIGR, Niki Smith/CCSD, Suzette Shaw/FDHS, Bob Tremayne/Kiawah Island Club, Ladora Waters/NCHS, Alex Ward/SJHS

Nathan Rex chaired the meeting.  He reminded everyone to enter academy activities on the tracking form (link via email).  Educators and businesses should feel free to coordinate with each other via email.

CIC offers facility tours every afternoon.  Contact Michael Carmel ( or Nathan Rex ( for scheduling.


Michael Carmel was conducting cooking demonstrations with Summerville High culinary students.


Alex/SJHS:  Block schedule will allow for work based learning activities to evolve.

He is not offering baking and pastry this semester.

He wants to use academy resources although his pacing makes it challenging.

He plans to collaborate with Jason Wheless on curriculum and pacing guide.

SJHS culinary students toured The Art Institute of Charleston and CIC at TTC.

He wants to have guest speakers and demonstrations on Fridays.

Cami will coordinate planning for a Kiawah Island Golf Resort field study.  KIGR is exploring the donation of culinary uniforms, aprons, etc.

SJHS is planning to attend the CofC/TTC Hospitality and Culinary Fair. 

Students don’t see the value of FCCLA dues.  It was recommended they participate in TTC’s Quest Competition 3.8.18 as an entry event (

  • 3-4 member teams
  • Simple recipes
  • Cost to participate may be paid by school


Suzette/FDHS: two new culinary teachers need guidance and support, CIC mentor information.


Ladora/NCHS: There was discussion about the lack of consistency of hospitality programs and the expectations and qualifications required of hospitality teachers.

Melinda/LCFB: LCFB continues to be under-utilized.  There are several roles: chefs, production, grant writers, accountant, nutritionist, dietician, and IT.  The kitchen produces over 25 million meals per year, currently 700 meals per day. They partner with Goodwill to provide experience.

Students can work onsite for work based learning and volunteer opportunities.  Great opportunity for to practice soft skills as volunteers are from all walks of life with diverse and professional experience.The best times are Wednesdays and Fridays between 12:30 – 4:00 pm although the work based learning hours tend to be 9:00-10:30 am.. Students and teachers can learn from Melinda’s 27 years of experience in catering, banquets, sales, hotel/motel.

Chef’s Feast is scheduled for 2.11.18, 4:00-9:00pm, North Charleston Coliseum, the only fundraiser for childhood hunger.  Entirely staffed by volunteers, this is the 19th year. Currently, 37 chefs have signed up.  There are normally 850-900 attendees.

Nathan: College of Charleston/TTC Culinary and Hospitality Opportunity Fair: recommend students come in uniform.

Vintner’s Dinner is scheduled for 1.26.18.  This is TTC’s largest fundraiser.  Volunteers are utilized to serve over 600 guests.  Per Chef Bob, “get them to buy into the chaos.”

TTC introduced a new hospitality course this fall which is highly interactive with scenario discussions, etc.


Teachers provide a list of gaps and needs for academy partner expertise in the classroom or field study/Facility tour.  Alex Ward will provide his pacing guide by 1.15.18

Educators can partner with the Career Specialists or academy Coaches to promote opportunities in hospitality and culinary academies.

Use the Common Skills Report and Talent Demand Study to educate and prepare students.

The board needs Latino representation.



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