Regional Health Professions Onboarding Notes

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Minutes                                                                                                                                               8/31/17


  1. Academy Activities Discussion
  2. Goose Creek High School:16 students to take CAN

            Students required to have experience

  • Vet clinic
  • Eye doctor
  • Dentist
  • Nursing home

Needs: Looking for experiences (behavioral health) and obstetrician in the GC, N Char., Summerville areas

Wants: Students to gain real life experiences to better understand their career goals

  1. East Cooper Medical (Tracy): located in Mt. Pleasant and serve as a site to host Trident Students, Wando, etc.

 – Not a lot of capacity, but can take high school students for job shadowing

 – OB unit is quite large

  1. Hanahan (Bill Dooley): more exciting experiences for students to observe

*Nancy recommended activity hour at the nursing home

  1. Cross High School (Miriam): wants the opportunity to host a field trip for 5 students to shadow
  2. Trident Health: located in various locations

Gold Program – bring in 5 students and go unit-to-unit (2-3 hours) and visit various types of opportunities

Teach Program – (shadowing): paired with a specific person for an entire year, students get paired based on their interests. Students must be 16 yr. old. # of students is open, depends on area of interest and the amount of nursing students. Consider the hours of the day and the weekend.

  1. St. John’s HS: Erin Franey

 – Questions about Project Lead the Way*

* National program for engineering and courses for biomed, anatomy, physiology, and medical interventions, biomedical innovation

  1. Patrick @ Stratford: the credential for PLTW or AP

 – Gateway in middle school

 – Launch in elementary

Colleges are beginning to value PLTW credits

  1. Bentli @ Philip Simmons

 – Looking for speakers to come to Health Science and Sports Med Courses

Kitty Macall – HIPAA Training

AGAPE à for students and they receive a certificate

  • No age requirements
  • Hospice certificate
  • East Cooper has athletic trainers that they could send to schools
  • Request for Mitchell: Talent Demand Study
  1. MUSC – Mitchell Hammonds

*Discover MUSC: Vision, mission, career fair with 40+ careers on display

 – Hands-on activities

 – All colleges present

 – Pharmacy school, dental, graduate

Lunch and learn lecture

Tour of Campus

Closing Session

500 students total

March 1st and 2nd

SUGGESTION: divide the day between Health vendors vs. logistics

  1. Summerville HS à PBS course
  • Would love a “speed dating”/profession board at school
  • Guest speakers
  • Wants students to learn more about different healthcare opportunities

MUSC Question: Research Day

  • Could upper level students visit the posters?
  • Summer internship for students are available (more info at a later date)
  • Are there research opportunities for high school students?
  • Trident has an EMS liaison available as a guest speaker
  • Mental health volunteering – Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center
  • Trident has a public health speaker who will go to classes
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