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Career Academies STEM Academy Meeting, December 2017

The Chamber Academy Team will be participating in a Deep Dive visit of the Academies in Tennessee March 5-7.  Academy members are welcome to join if interested.  Please let Suzi or Robin know.

1.     Continued work on the Deep Dive build discussion

Soft Skills

The team discussed the importance of students being able to speak fluently in interviews.  It was discussed that articulation was a problem as well as an inability to answer questions.  It is believed that face-to-face is tough for students as they are nervous around new people so this exposure is necessary.

It was also discussed that students need a target in mind for why they should pay attention to Soft Skills.  Give them a “Why” such as salary advantages/examples.

Video Productions

The STEM academy suggestions for Soft Skills videos include:

  • Using the term “Selling Yourself” as part of the branding
  • Eye Contact
  • Answering detailed questions
  • Draw from personal experience
  • Good writing, grammar, and punctuation
  • Mannerisms
  • Be able to tell what you have done
  • Shows respect for authority, good manners, and shakes hands
  • Are you teachable?
  • Research the company
  • What can you bring to the company?
  • Following up on the next step
  • Sending a thank you
  • Confidence
  • Learn your audience




It was discussed interviews could be in person, via phone, or Skype.  An alternate could be students sending in a video.  Also discussed that for video interviews, students need to consider the location that they are vide taping themselves in.  For example, a bedroom might be inappropriate.

Resumes and Applications

Students need to understand how to complete online application.  They also need to understand the importance of proper spelling and grammar on their applications.

Dress for Success

It was discussed that dressing for success is an important part of the deep dive and recommended that schools be involved in creating videos as part of a competition where the students write the scripts and shoot the videos.  The idea of demonstrating right vs. wrong dress code was suggested.   These videos would address the Dress for Success requirement of the deep dive when coupled with a “Dress up Day” where students would come to school dressed in business casual attire.  Laing Middle and Goose Creek HS have agreed to be pilots.


A working group has been assigned to investigate STEMPremier as a possible resource for the Deep Dive

  • Rhett Baldwin, Kelly Thompson, Tanya Butler, Lynn Clegg


The Summerville Engineering Club, who we have used as a pilot for some of our deep dive areas, has expressed an interest in a 1-stop shop for Internship/Apprenticeship information.  Teachers in our Academy have also expressed an interest in this type of information, including corporation POCs that they can contact with educational needs.  During the meeting, it was discussed that the educators can use our STEM Academy contacts.

If your organization has internships/apprenticeships that you would like sent to high school students for their awareness, kindly forward them to me and I will build a consolidated list.  I would like to have this done prior to the end of January.  Ultimately, we would like to have this information available online.

2.     Deep Dive Waiver

It was discussed if a waiver process could be in place for the Deep Dive Certificate.  Will require further discussion.

3.     Action Items



Due Date


STEMPremier Working Group

Rhett Baldwin, Kelly Thompson, Tanya Butler, Lynn Clegg



Consolidated List of Apprenticeships

All email yours to

Jan 31, 2018



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