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Stall Academies Advisory Board Meeting

March 9, 2017


Amber Paugh

Michael Breedlove

Kimberly Pickett

Robin Willis

Richard Gordon


Mahle reviewed activities for the year including the recent Teacher Externship in February. This year 6 CTE teachers attended. 

Mahle has production positions open that they would like to expose Stall students who do not plan to attend post secondary classes after graduation. We discussed inviting students to an interview day in May. They would do a plant tour and interview, about 2 hours. Robin to follow up with Carrick/Pickett about best day, possibly May 22-26. Amber says they are definitely interested in Engineering students but will talk to any graduating senior. Amber will send recruitment video. Students need to be 18. 

Exciting that Stall will be adding Aerospace for next year!!

Heritage Trust Federal Credit student run credit union coming next Fall!  

AGC Scholarship deadline is March 31. Javascript 101 is April 27, any Jr or Sr is welcome. Java 101 with Iron Yard flier_v1#2

Mr. Breedlove has Marketing Presentations the last week in April. Probably 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. about 5 teams. He will send specific day/time asap so that Academy Partners can plan to attend. 

Mr. Breedlove has other business partners that can be added to our Advisory Board if desired. Send Robin information if you would like them to receive Chamber Career Academy invitations etc. 


We discussed all CTE programs at Stall.

Goal for next year:

Mahle can accomodate up to 10 at Teacher Externship, we would like to do one next Spring and invite core subject teachers as well. We could plan to do a simple interdisciplinary project with PLTW and one core class soon after we return. Possibly Math, English or Social Studies

Naval Power Fall Teacher Externship, invite core teachers, plan to do a simple interdisciplinary project with PLTW and one core class soon after return, possibly Math, English, Science or Social Studies.

Continue Trebuchet, congrats on year 1!

Mr. Breedlove would like to have a business forum next fall. 

Pickett would like to give Completer students more opportunities with Academy Partners. Next year goal to get them more involved in Completer Breakfast. Possibly next February use each Friday to give Completer students informal networking time to discuss future plans and hear about potential college and career opps. This would also give students more opportunities to hear how professionals conduct themselves and get professional mentoring.

Next year we need to include Heritage Trust in the Advisory Board. 

Next Meeting: There will be no meeting in April due to Spring Break, All Academy Debrief will be in May, invitations/reminders to go out soon. 


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