Stall STEM and Business 9/14/17

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Stall STEM and Business Advisory Board meeting


Stall High School


Antoinette Green– Career Specialist

Amber Paugh – Mahle

Don Smith – Hendrick Auto

Lt. Commander Drew Simmons – NNPTC

Claudia Newbern – Stall Asst Principal

Michael Breedlove – Stall Business

Kim Pickett – Stall STEM

Robin Willis – CMCC



TSA Activities 2017.18

Pickett’s 1st Semester calendar

Career Academy agenda 9-14-2017

New classes at Stall this year:

  • IT Fundamentals – add this teacher to Reg CS and to master
  • Aerospace – 4 levels (replaced Media Tech and Early Childhood)
  • AP CS

Mrs. Pickett reported that one of the female students who came to Java Bootcamp with Iron Yard last year wants another one – she says she is taking AP CS this year bc of that bootcamp.

I told them we do not have access to these Iron Yard taeachers this year – NNPTC may be able to teach one.

Robin – add new AP CS teacher to Regional CS

No more early releases at Stall, students must take ACT Prep or study hall or something else they are interested in. They are expecting more from their students

No robotics this year, not enough students were able to fully participate. Instead will do: TSA – Technology Student Association  Student led, afterschool, will practice with coaches (see list of competitions to choose from attached)

Will be competing Storm the Citadel again. Feb 10, 2018 

Also doing WBL this year – must be afterschool and must pertain to their major.

Don Smith said he would reach out to National Society of Black Engineers 

Amber will reach out to another person for Reverse Engineering in Oct. Don is no longer at Mahle Charleston

Nov 16 – Techie Thursday with Zucker Middle – morning for middle schoolers to meet Engineering and Aerospace students. Academy Partners would be great to participate, get middle schoolers interested in STEM classes.

October 20 is a Teacher workday and would be good day for job shadows

Mr. Breedlove would like to do this year:

  • YesCarolina again
  • Also wants Academy Partners to discuss Soft Skills with students
  • Breedlove wants to practice for DECA competitions, need judges. He will send a date.
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Just wanting to make one correction.  The Robotics team is now a district wide team with Petra Neumayer a Career Specialist at the district taking on the role of coach this year. 


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