Summerville Computer Science Advisory Board 2.15.17

Updated on March 1, 2017 in Computer Science
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Present:  Melonie Hazelton/Summerville HS, Lennon Laughton/ Summerville HS, Nadine Miller/DD2/Keisha Williams/SPAWAR Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford

The meeting focused on discussion topics for subject matter experts to speak to Exploring Computer Science and expose them to jobs in the field.  Three classes can meet in the media center.

Timeframe and Topics:

February-mid-March: coding, HTML, CSS, web design, social media, PR person for social media (non-computer person). Keisha offered “rubber code” session-speak/demo and then students go to video game to help them learn the basic syntax of coding.

Mid-March-April: programming and cyber security then lead into robotics programming.  Keisha offered to demo “The Rover”, mini-drones, and androids.

Melonie recommended Tim Taylor, Reforge for April.

Suzi recommended Modern Connection, SPAWAR, Jennifer Albert, Immedion, BoomTown.

Keisha is presenting “FEMA’s Twitter”, 3.9.17, 3pm, College of Charleston.

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