Regional Arts Advisory Board 4.20.17

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Present: Ashley Wyrick/Wando, Michael Haga/College of Charleston Staff Present:  Suzi Raiford

2017-2018 Planning

Suzi distributed the list of artist contacts provided by the Advisory Board members.  Ashley will distribute to Visual Arts teachers.  The Advisory Board may meet every other month beginning 1st semester.  Suzi is inviting additional  teachers and schools to participate.

Ashley will return from maternity leave in mid-October. 

She will invite Mary Catherine to attend the September meeting or attend herself.

Ashley and Michael will coordinate Art History speaking opportunities for 1st semester.

1st semester topics: Art History – Pre-Historic, Gothic, Romanesque, etc.

Visual arts –  career speakers, entrepreneurship, curators, Redux, Barnett/taxidermist, illustration, medical illustration, plant illustration, sculpture (3D), higher ed instructors and videos of work to show students.

2nd semester:

Art 1-Logo Design-composition, color theory.  Prefer a speaker on PR, branding, and jobs in the field.

Art 3-D-very few students, there is no current need.

Art 2-Observational Drawing-prefer an artist, oil painting focus.

AP Art History-Rococco, Neo-Classical, Romanticism.  Activities to be determined.

It was recommended that media arts student prepare a lesson on phone etiquette. 

Third Thursdays,9:30 a.m., Charleston Metro Chamber

4th Annual All Academy Debrief

May 2, 2017

3:30 – 5:00 pm

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

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