Wando HS MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

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Members Present:   


                        Katie Johnston            Allen Lindsey

                        Russ Keller                  Tim Fulford

                        Robin Willis                 David Kennamer         Andrew Inman

  1. Meeting Minutes
    1. Minutes from 10/19/17 meeting were read and approved.


  1. Financial Report (from D. Roemer)
    1. 501c3 Balance = $23,625


  1. Newsletter Review/Club News
    1. Math Team- Competing in Virtual American Mathematics Competitions.
    2. Astronomy-Adopting and research a star.
    3. VEX Robotics-Participated in the West Ashley VEX competition and performed well
    4. Tiny House Competition-Completed Phase 1 by choosing 3 exterior designs. Phase II will wrap up on Dec. 12th
    5. AP Chemistry-Learning about acids and bases and performed titration experiments.
    6. AP Physics C- Completed units on forces, torque and momentum and conducted lab practicums applying their understanding of these concepts.


  1. Chamber Initiatives
  2. Shed Project- The chamber is organizing a Build a Shed Competition. Build a Shed Competition will be held on April 27 at the Fairgrounds Exchange Park.
  • Teams – 4 members on the team plus 2 alternates. One idea is for the Team members to be seniors and the alternates to be juniors. Schools will be asked to register the student team member names closer to the competition date. All students will finish the competition with OSHA 10 Certification.
  • General Contractor coaches will provide funding so that students will have a study guide to keep and can take the online class to become certified.  
  • Coaches – General Contractor companies that will work with the teacher and students to prepare for the competition. Each school/coach can set their own coaching schedule. They can practice where they choose and as often as they choose.
  1. Summer Employment-6 week summer jobs where 50 kids learn construction businesses.
  2. Construction Career Academies- Schools will be developing these academies


  1. Old Action Item Follow-Up
    1. Johnston met w/ Wando administrators trying to follow-up on A. Lindsey speaking with the MSE teachers to promote the Advisory board involvement in classrooms. Administrators didn’t see the Wando structure working for this meeting so we devised a plan to email out a sign-up list for teachers interested in having MSE board members in their classrooms.
      1. Action Item-K. Johnston to organize and connect teachers that signed up w/ MSE board members.
    2. Discussed Cyber need and follow-up.
      1. Action Item-A. Lindsey will contact Kelly Thompson to get additional mentors for the cyber defense after school club.
      2. Action Item-R. Willis to connect Jason Damron with Mitch at Trident.
    3. Discussed TEALS-Organized at Wando for next year to bring a computer science professional in the classroom to teach classes
    4. Lindsey presented at Summerville’s Engineering Club and will be willing to present to Wando.


  1. Deep Dive Planning
    1. 6 items make-up the Deep Dive Certification
    2. We focused our attention on the Lunch and Learn Portion of the Deep Dive
      1. We are interested in organizing 4, 25 minute lunch and learn sessions to include:
        1. Allen Lindsey-Speak regardin Civil Engineering
        2. David Kennamer-To follow-up on finding a speaker with a math expertise
        3. Tim Fulford-Speak regarding Physics, Math or Engineering
        4. Russ Keller-Speak regarding Mechanical Engineering
      2. Action Item– K. Johnston to organize Lunch and Learns for Wando.
    3. Deep Dive Certificates benefit the students by connecting them with local professionals, by learning career employment skills and can be included on a resume.


  1. Subcommittee Follow-Up
  2. Continue with all Subcommittees; Budget and Finance, Teacher/Student Engagement, and Automotive
    1. Budget and Finance to find a time to meet and gather Wando’s expenditure data.
    2. Teacher and Student Engagement to focus on the getting the Deep Dive Experiences for Wando students
    3. Automotive is focusing on internships for students (2nd semester) and having an open house where industry professionals come in to Wando.


  1. New Business
    1. Trident Tech has introduced engineering related apprenticeships which include:
      1. Engineering Design Graphics
      2. Industrial Mechanics
  • Machine Tool Technology


February 15, 4:30 pm, Wando High School

Full Wando MSE Advisory Board

At Wando HS – room H129


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