Wando MSE Advisory Board 10.20.16

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MSE Advisory Board minutes 10.20.16


FOR October 20, 2016

Members Present:   

A. Lindsey

D. Otap

G. Cheeseman

K. Johnston

N. Belcher

A. Inman (student) 

K. Murrell

R. Willis

C. Lang


  1. Meeting Minutes
    1. Minutes from 8/30/16 meeting were read and approved.


  1. Financial Report:
    1. MSE Fund total is $36185, with $11380 set aside for WAR, net of $24805 for general use (D. Roemer source).


  1. Club News:
  2. Engineering Club: A. Inman, engineering club president updated board on 3 portions of the club-design squad, cyber defense, VEX, and trebuchet. Design Squad is continuing to work on the compression assistance device design. Students are looking at 3 existing products and developing an innovation based on existing products. Cyber Defense will have a competition at Wando in early November.  VEX robotics is fully underway with students designing and building robots. Trebuchet team is working on developing a trebuchet for the Univ. of South Carolina Pumpkin Chunkin’ competition in November.


  1. Math Club/Team: Mu Alpha Theta has collected dues.



  1. Newsletter:
    1. 1st quarter newsletter is underdevelopment but not complete. Engineering club presidents will finish the newsletter and email to board.



  1. Re-Cap of Old Business:
    1. Willis spoke to Wando students on Sept. 21st regarding the TTC Youth Apprenticeship Program.
    2. Willis mentioned that the Automotive Youth Apprenticeship Program will be up and running for next school.
    3. Johnston updated the board on the proposed Wando STEM Academy. Johnston, Sjolander, and Roemer met with Dr. Eppelsheimer (Wando Principal) to present the STEM Academy and received go ahead approval to move the program forward. Johnston is now waiting to give an overview to Wando Faculty so teachers can form a committee to move the academy implementation forward. The MSE Advisory board expressed interest in helping the academy move forward.
    4. Cheeseman mentioned that she is interested in students learning Solidworks software at Wando.



  1. Subcommittee Development
    1. Johnston sent out a subcommittee sign-up form to the MSE board in September. See sign-up list below:
Chris Lang Automotive
Brad Davis Automotive
Andy Streets Automotive
Giselle Cheeseman Automotive
Russ Keller Budget and Finance
Kyle Murrell Budget and Finance
Josh Sorkin Budget and Finance
Keith Grybowski Budget and Finance
Allen Lindsey Budget and Finance
Scott Sharp Budget and Finance
Katie Johnston Student/Teacher Engagement
Robin Willis Student/Teacher Engagement
Nathan Belcher Student/Teacher Engagement
Chris Sjolander Student/Teacher Engagement
Jason Damron Student/Teacher Engagement
Nate Andrews Student/Teacher Engagement
Alan McMahon Student/Teacher Engagement
D.D. Otap Student/Teacher Engagement


  • Budget/Finance (includes yearly budget creation encompassing a mission statement and teacher wish-list items; fundraising/grants; etc)
  • Student and Teacher Engagement (includes increasing student engagement in internships/apprenticeships, job shadows, clubs; increasing teacher engagement in MSE, professional development, etc)
  • Automotive (Wando Automotive program needs to be NATEF certified and the certification includes a requirement for a specific Automotive advisory board)
  1. Johnston recapped that teachers have developed wish-list budget for the Budget and Finance Committee to use.
  2. The board decided on lead representatives to coordinate each subcommittee-
    • Automotive Lead-A. Streets
    • Budget and Finance Lead- A. Lindsey
    • Student/Teacher Engagement Lead- K. Johnston
  3. Each Sub-committee needs to set up their meeting time for November.
  4. Each sub-committee needs to develop goals and timelines and report at the December ‘All Academy Cluster’


  1. Teacher Share
  2. Otap discussed her personalized learning class and outlined how the class is structured compared to typical classroom environments.



  1. Partner Share:
    1. Murrell, a project engineer from S & ME, discussed the structure and make-up of the business which includes Environmental, Geotechnical, and Construction Services. K. Murrell is a geotechnical engineer within the Charleston location.
    2. Murrell mentioned that there is a tremendous shortage of students/interns within the geotech. Engineering profession.
    3. Along those same lines, A. Lindsey and C. Lang mentioned that surveyors are hard to find in our region due to recent educational changes requiring a 4 year degree.



  1. Next Meeting:
    1. Subcommittees meet in November at their own assigned time and place..
October 13 at 4:30 p.m. Full Wando MSE Advisory Board At Wando HS – room H129
November 10 Individual subcommittees Day/location convenient to subcommittee
December 8 at 10 a.m. All Academy Cluster meeting – Full committee attends Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
January 12 Individual subcommittees Day/location convenient to subcommittee
February 9 Full Wando MSE Advisory Board At Wando HS – room H129
March 9 Individual subcommittees Day/location convenient to subcommittee
April 13 Need to Reschedule b/c during Wando Spring Break Full Wando MSE Advisory Board At Wando HS – room H129


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