Wando MSE Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/17

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 Please see the attached meeting minutes from Wando High School’s MSE Advisory Board meeting on 10/19/17.


Members Present:   


                        Katie Johnston            Allen Lindsay

                        D.D. Otap                    Russ Keller

                        Andy Streets               Hannah Grace Coker

                        David Kennamer         Andrew Inman

  1. Meeting Minutes
    1. Minutes from 4/20/17 meeting were read and approved.


  1. Financial Report (from D. Roemer)
    1. 501c3 Balance = $23,625(A. Lindsey forgot the balance sheet but will follow-up)


  1. Newsletter Review/Club News
    1. Mu Alpha Theta sent out acceptance letters and had their first meeting today.
    2. AP BC Calculus recently finished a function signature project.
    3. VEX Robotics are well into their building phase. Students will compete in their first competition Saturday, October 28th.
    4. Model Airplane club has been started with an end goal of flying airplanes nearby at the airport.
    5. Tiny House design work is in full swing with the phase 1 designs complete. Charleston Home Builders Association will providing a scholarship for the final design work.
    6. Design Squad is competing in the Exploravision competition this year.
    7. Automotive-Wando students will be traveling with Trident Tech students to Hendrick Motorsports in Charlotte, NC.
    8. SkillsUSA is a new Wando club initiative with state and national competitions in various subject areas. Students will start preparing for competitions in January.
    9. CyberDefense Class and Club: The advisory board was asking about the cyberdefense initiative for Wando. K.Johnston mentioned we have a new teacher in the area for this year and the after school club is in full swing. Rae Ellen Greenberg is the cyber club advisor. The board mentioned that it is the #1 job opening in our area based on the chamber’s talent demand study. Does Wando need resources for cyber classes and clubs? They recommend the Chamber helping. They also referenced the difficulty in attaining teachers in that field because the skills are so lucrative out in the workforce so it is hard to attain a teacher at the high school level.  In Nashville, industry professionals come into the classroom and teach a few classes.

Action Item: Email Kelly Thompson with SPAWAR and discuss options for cyber teachers and mentors.

Action Item: Get A. Lindsey in touch with the cyber teachers at Wando.


  1. All Academy Kick-Off Recap
    1. Kick-off event occurred at the end of August with CCSD Teachers and Industry professionals in attendance.
    2. Overviewed the Chamber of Commerce Initiatives for the year:
      1. Discussed the Talent Gap study
      2. Created 5 Regional Advisory Board Groups for all of CCSD for the year
        1. Business
        2. Computer Science
        3. Culinary and Hospitality
        4. Health Professions
        5. STEM
  • Discussed the Deep Dive Initiative-How can industry help teachers in the classroom?
  1. Deep Dive Experience
    1. Reviewed the list of Deep Dive Experience goals.
      1. Focused on STEM Career Fair w/ Industry Partners.
      2. Discussed creating a Lunch and Learn session.
  • Mentioned that Summerville’s engineering club is having A.Lindsey to speak about the Civil Engineering profession to their after school group
  1. How do we do this at Wando? How do we get the word out to teachers?
    1. MSE teacher meeting to get the word out to teacher
    2. Video sessions w/ professionals and place on a web database
  • STEM Academy might be the place where students could come in to a lunch and learn situation with various professionals speaking.
  1. Action Item: A. Lindsey to talk with Kelly Thompson, Regional STEM advisory board chair to discuss further implementation ideas for schools.
  2. Action Item: A. Lindsey agreed to come in to Wando before school (7:30am) teacher meeting to discuss the Deep Dive Experience to Wando teachers to try and get them on board.
    1. Follow-Up: K. Johnston emailed the Wando administration to get a 7:30am School of Study meeting where A. Lindsey could speak.
  3. Action Item: K. Johnston to get a list of needs for professionals in the classroom.


  1. Subcommittee Follow-Up
  2. Continue with all Subcommittees; Budget and Finance, Teacher/Student Engagement, and Automotive
    1. Budget and Finance to find a time to meet and gather Wando’s expenditure data.
    2. Teacher and Student Engagement to focus on the getting the Deep Dive Experiences for Wando students
    3. Automotive is focusing on internships for students (2nd semester) and having an open house where industry professionals come in to Wando.


  1. Next Meeting:


November 16, 4:30 pm, Wando High School

Full Wando MSE Advisory Board

At Wando HS – room H129


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